Telstra Mobile's Network Is In Trouble Again

They say bad things come in threes. There are reports that Testra's mobile network is down once again with a steady stream of customers taking their complaints to Twitter. Currently, the network outage appears to be limited to Perth, Melbourne and parts of Sydney. Here's the news so far.

This story was originally published at 12:05PM on Tuesday 22 March.

Update, 1:20PM: Telstra says that it has resolved the issue.

Complaints on Twitter are steadily mounting as more customers experience disruptions on the Telstra network for the third time this year. Currently, Telstra has been responding to complainants asking for more details and recommending they restart their devices. However, the flood of angry tweets from multiple customers suggests that user error is not to blame.

The Aussie Outages mobile tracker site also recorded a huge spate of reported outages in Melbourne, with a smaller amount of problems in Sydney. Nearly 1000 reports have been filed to the site over the last hour, and users in Brisbane and Perth are also experiencing problems.

This latest spate of technical issues follows nationwide network outages on February 9 and March 17. The previous service disruption was caused by an identified problem which caused a significant number of customers to be disconnected from the network. The problem was greatly exacerbated by affected devices all automatically reconnecting at the same time, which caused congestion to the network.

Data and messaging services are apparently unaffected in other areas. Gizmodo has contacted Telstra to confirm the scope of the outage.

For what it's worth my Telstra phone is still working fine here in Sydney. We'll be updating with more details as we get them.

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    Only Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Perth. Just the majority of the country.
    Being a melbournian I kinda feel thankful I changed to optus in December because of existing issues.

    Last edited 22/03/16 12:21 pm

    Sooo.....a week of free data? ;)

      Why don't they just make it permanent free data? they network is down so often lately it wouldn't cost them anything anyway.

      Sounds nice, but that implies Telstra has the ability to keep the network going for more than 48 hours let alone a week.

    Haven't had any issues in Perth myself. But then it's so slow that I barely notice when it's cut off. Only reason I'm with Telstra is for the ability to use my $30 credit on Google Play, hence making it free.

    I'm in Perth, and why i've not tried making voice calls my 4g internet works fine

    Damn, I'm going to have to change to Vodafone to get a more reliable service, I think!

    Combine their mobile service with their utterly abysmal customer service, you're certainly not getting what you pay for with them. Time to change I think.

      You might joke but it is getting to the point everyone will need three phones to make sure they are connected at all times! Telstra have had a bad run lately. How many more scapegoats can they use?

    All good for free data days, but what about business that don't work on the weekends, which they do there free data days, imo Telstra should be stripped of any business until they fix all the issues.

    & here we are using their network to build our NBN, what could possibly go wrong?

    Still working here in Adelaide, poor old Adelaide... even Telstra forgets to fuck up their network in you.

    I had trouble dialing out about an hour ago in Adelaide

    Last edited 22/03/16 1:57 pm

      Have you tried turning it on and off again?

    Well its 2:04pm, Im in South Melbourne and still cant dial out (yes Ive turned it off and on again) so no, its not fixed Telstra!

    Maybe there is a cover up and Testra is being messed with by ISIS or Putin supporters.

    The on and off again thing might just be to get you off the network and freshly relog on rather than being patronising.

    I am in the Gold Coast and I still cannot dial out. It has been like this since at least midday. So ridiculous, when the system is back up and running I am terminating my contract. There are other cheaper options out there, with more reliable services.

    I am so happy that I switched to the Optus network.

    You pay premium its not what you get. When a tree took out the phone line, telstra left it a laying across the road for over three days with constant traffic doing untold damage to the copper. They then lifted that same bit of copper and reconnected it. Suffice to say internet speeds are tragic, down 25% to 1.4Mb/s and they will do nothing. How will NBN make a difference when telstra have such pathetic maintenance ???

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