Telstra Says Sorry For Outage With Another Day Of Free Data

At around 6pm last night, reports of outages on the Telstra network -- again -- started to emerge. The network began sporadically working again from 7:30pm onwards, and for the inconvenience Telstra are giving away a day of free data on Sunday 3 April.

Image: Telstra

"We sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience we have caused again," a Telstra spokesperson said this morning. "As a way of saying we’re sorry we’ll be providing a free data day for all of our mobile customers on Sunday 3 April.

"We had a problem that triggered a significant number of customers to be disconnected from the network. Reconnecting them to the network caused congestion. We had a connection problem overseas impacting international roaming customers which then had a flow-on effect domestically.

Despite this all being very familiar, Telstra insists this issue was a new one. Last time the problem was literally someone turning something they shouldn't have off, and then on again. "The issue is not related to the outage that occurred in early February. The problem that repeated itself was in people reconnecting to the network.

"Following the last event we commenced a major process and engineering review of the network, which includes global network experts, to understand how it occurred, and while the two incidents are not related, we will add the lessons learned from this incident to that review."

Last time this happened, and Telstra offered free data as compensation, 1,841 terabytes was downloaded -- making it Telstra's busiest day on the network, ever.



    3rd of April is not this Sunday....

    Last time I was busy. Sunday 3rd April I will download the Internet!

    frankly im pissed off, super pissed off and 'free data' isnt enough to fix the damages that have been done.
    shove your data up your ass telstra

      Considering they lease cable space to everyone else...suck it.

      care to elaborate? what damages did 90 mins of no phone cause you?

        know what a GSM gateway is?

          Know what redundancy is? Relying on one system is stupidity if its critical.

            do you know how our organization works? assume = ass

              If you didn't realise you needed redundancy till too late, then you obviously don't know how your organisation works either. I don't think commentator Hud is the ass here. Also, get over your anal fixation.

              Well I guess (or 'ass'ume) that your organization does not work if it has no redundancy when a service fails.

              But please feel free to elaborate on how your organisation works so we can all have an understanding on your frustration.

          an unreliable device which should not be used as a primary gateway for a phone system? intended to only deliver cheap calls and backup access to telephony?

          I've got one two five sim cards, fun fact you can put sims from three providers in the one device and not look like a moron when your system fails because you didn't plan ahead

        Couldnt access internet when needed and do banking. No real harm, but the day cables and mobile networks go down when you know that telstra also leases bandwidth to other service providers, it isnt just telstra customers affected.
        Probably hackers. Attack on bureau of meteorology a while back downed all radar across north Australia for an hour.

      And in other news, 21000 people died of starvation today, I wonder if they give a shit! Talk about a first world fuckin problem!

        Absolutely. Listening to Merrick on the radio today put it in perspective: "Oh no you were out of touch with the internet for 90 minutes... fucking deal with it and move on!"

        I couldn't get onto facebook or olay clash of clans when driving home. It was almost the end of the world. Who cares about 2100 people dying when we can't get the internet

          Dont forget the extra 0...all those lives are worth the key press.

    Yet on the free data days, their network is fine.

    Im a Virgin customer but looks like I'll be heading to the shop for a prepaid sim to go absolutely bonkers on that Sunday.

    Last edited 18/03/16 8:50 am

      Think about it this way, you all want to get into the shopping centre to grab products.
      There is only one door.
      If you all try to rush in at once there will be huge collisions at the door and people won't be able to get in.
      Once you are all inside it might be a little tight but you can all still grab things off the shelf.

      They had issues with people reconnecting to the network after the outage, not actually using the network. 2 different things from a technological standpoint

      Yet on the free data days, their network is fine
      They are deliberately chosen dates though due to the network having the least amount of use. From what I can see, people were impacted though by the last free data day in certain areas.

    Yeah luckily I didn't have much on last night but I could have been seriously in trouble since I work from home

    Their "free data day" is a pathetic answer to loyal customers, I couldn't use the internet on my phone on the previous "free data day" because my download speed only reached 1.5Mbps while my ADSL2+ was getting 13.35Mbps.

    They expect us to keep paying for a premium service and yet we keep seeing more issues arise.

    Last edited 18/03/16 9:38 am

      13.35Mbps. you say? you lucky devil.

    5:01PM and I couldn't settle our eftpos machine due to the outage. Mind you, I'm in queensland so that's probably why my outage was earlier. Otherwise I was unaffected...optus has been surprisingly good...never thought I'd say it.

    But I kinda feel like Telstra isn't really concerned about giving away free data...and considering last time they did it we consumed stupid amounts and their network didn't falter. It makes me curious why data is so expensive if they can throw it out for free for an entire day?

      Because as Australians, we've accepted the fact that we are happy to pay for stupid data limits. It's sad really. Rest of the world doesn't but we still accept this stupid notion that we should have limits. Go to the UK - pay roughly $50 per month and get unlimited data on a sim with 4G.

        Actually the cheapest Australian data plan is a 3 uk sim roaming on Telstra

      I've read a lot of remaks from people who say their traffic was impacted on the day they last offered un-metered data. Some have voiced frustration that they're offering this as the form of compensation again actually as they're weary of being impacted a second time. It'll depend on the area you are of course though as to whether that's an issue but it is relevant, especially when the day Telstra picked is intentionally the one which should have had the least amount of impact anyway.

    hahahah telstra's network drops maybe half a dozen times in as many years and every cry's rivers over....

    you people are unbelievable.

      I've worked for Telstra and Telstra partners for nearly 10+ years and I've personally only witnessed 5 or 6 major critical national issues. I guess most people have short memories.

        i worked in a retail store for 5 year as well...granted this year is out of the ordinary, but i think i can remember maybe 2 or 3 other instances where network went down for several hours....

        and people are calling to be let out of their contracts....ahhahahhahah

    I don't know about him, but with entire POS terminal system down, The store I work for lost about $40,000 worth of card transactions in just under an hour which is beyond terrible.

      I work at the IT department for a certain major retailer in Australia, and our POS machines run fine without internet connection. Transactions are stored on the server (or individual registers if the server itself is down) until they're uploaded to the network once the network is restored. I find your story hard to believe, or at least, I don't think you're fully explaining why your registers couldn't trade because there's no way a single network outage could have caused that on its own. We've had stores go without internet for days without breaking stride. Obviously no one was happy about it but they could still open the door in the morning.

        It's most likely related to credit card authorisations. POS terminals can run without connection, but even large organisations get nervous with off-line credit card transactions. I'm not even sure if the old telephone authorisation system still exists.

          EFT transactions are exactly what I'm referring to though. Cash transactions work fine with or without a network connection but EFT works a bit differently when a store is offline. If you've ever been asked to sign your receipt while shopping even if you used PIN or tap then it's because the store was offline.

          Either way, a store shouldn't be losing $40,000+ per hour because of a network outage.

      Well if you're telling the truth then you got nothing to worry about as all Telstra business services have SLA's written into them which outlines how you can partially or fully compensation for loss of business. Presupposing you can actually prove it.

      $40,000 per hour, what business are you in with that kind of turnover without a redundancy set up!

      Last edited 21/03/16 11:14 am

    Anybody know if this extends to boost customers as well? I'm assuming it would because I *suffered* from the same outage.

    I'll gladly catch up with free data. Perhaps I should answer my own question and get on livechat.

    It appears they did last time, I can't recall seeing any messages about it on my phone though.

    Last edited 18/03/16 12:01 pm

    Well if you did, you clearly have no contingency plan for something like this - in other words your store deserves it.

    It was a minor inconvenience to most people and a major inconvenience to people without contingency plans. I appreciate the day of free data, and I shall use it wisely :)

    Telstra apologising by giving away free data on a Sunday is like an electricity company giving away free electricity at 3am. Or me re-imbursing someone by allowing them to take something from my garbage bin!!

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