Take A Peek Inside Google’s New Planned Campus

Take A Peek Inside Google’s New Planned Campus

Google has been planning to build a new set of offices, just down the road from its existing HQ in Mountain View, for a while. Now, a new series of renders show what it might look like to spend time in.

We already knew that the new Campus, which will be situated in Charleston East, would be made up of a series of canopies. But as part of its planning submission, Google has now released these renders which show a subtly updated set of buildings.

What’s notable is that the big glass domes of the first proposal are actually toned down a little. Instead of huge, transparent glass structures that descend to the floor, the new design features tent-like poles holding up an opaque skin, with more conventional glass walls at the edges.

Elsewhere, the campus looks lush and green, providing a real sense of the great outdoors. And, obviously, some slick spaces too: Restaurants, sports facilities and places for meeting people all feature heavily in the plans. You can see the full proposal as a PDF here.

When complete, the new campus would cover 55,741 square metres of space. That would includes 4180 square metres of interior landscaping and even an 1718-square-metre series of public paths that will actually meander through the buildings themselves.

But these plans are still just proposals — which means they could yet change again. Still, it looks pretty nice from here.

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