Survey Results Surprise No One: People Find Netflix Better Value Than Foxtel

Consumer satisfaction research firm Canstar has released the results from its latest survey focusing on paid TV subscriptions, with the trends confirming all of our suspicions. Netflix is the viewer's darling — no surpises there. And while Foxtel does get a solid thumbs up for new content, it lags behind in the other categories.

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The year-old Australian Netflix service ($8.99 to $14.99 per month) scored five stars for overall satisfaction, value for money and ease of sign up. But Foxtel ($25 to $70 per month) still reigns supreme when it comes to both the range of content and the availability of new content.

Stan ($10 per month) has been established as a a firm contender, coming in second for overall satisfaction, value for money ease of sign-up and new release availability.

Presto ($9.99 to $14.99 per month) and Quickflix ($9.99 to $12.99 per month) round out the bottom scores in all categories, although there wasn't much difference in it.

2,000 Australian adults were asked to compare TV subscription services in the survey, which Canstar says highlighted not only how viewers feel, but also "paint a picture of very high expectations" due to the standards even the crowd favourite Netflix was held to.

The survey found that 22 per cent of households subscribe to more than one paid TV service. Foxtel customers were shown as the least likely (at 17 per cent) to subscribe to more than one service. In contrast 42 per cent of Stan, 39 per cent of Quickflix, 29 per cent of Presto and 24 per cent of Netflix customers subscribe to more than one service.

"The majority of consumers are happy to pay for TV content, which raises a big question about the future of free to air television," Canstar says. "However, if our customer ratings are an indicator, a lot of people clearly have high expectations and don't feel that their TV demands are being met, despite the relative low cost of these services".




    They forgot to include The Pirate Bay:
    Overall satisfaction: 5 stars
    Value for money: 6 stars
    Range of content: 6 stars
    Ease of sign up: 6 stars
    New release availability: 4 stars

    beats them all hands down :-)

      Why would anyone give a toss what pirates think though?

      EDIT::Actually, I say that, but I suppose reasons for pirating are worthwhile to know as long as they're legitimate. But legitimate reasons to pirate are becoming less and less reasonable.

      Last edited 29/03/16 5:57 pm

        I still think it's absurd that in many cases pirates can provide a higher-quality, more accessible, faster, easier-to-access service, available in more formats, on more platforms, with more features and fewer restrictions... before you even take the price of 'free' into account.

        At least when it comes to a knock-off Rolex or Louis Vuitton, you know there's some kind of balancing going on - in theory, an inferior product compensated for by superior price. But pirates are providing, in some cases, a better service across every measurable factor. It's mind-boggling.

        You would think the industry would be trying to compete in any of the few areas that they can.

    The content argument isn't really being fought on level ground though.
    If you have base level foxtel ($25/mo) it severely limits the content you can access.

    It doesn't matter what you pay for (Australian) Nexflix, the content is the same.

    Netflix needs sport until it gets that then sadly i am stuck with Foxtel.

      Apart from sport there is no reason to get Foxtel

    If I was a complete dogga dumbazz then yeah I'd pay $50 to watch afl nrl over and over again how boring Netflix has fkall but series are good still for $12 way better than Foxtel and I don't want some loser coming into my house setting up a box that I can get free from streaming sites article solved if your a complete moron Aussie then pay for fox and watch lameless football so called games repeated when you can watch highlights for free Netflix. Wins screw the yanks

    In my opinion Stan has better content

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