Superman Gives Lex A Super-Stinkface In Another New Batman V Superman Clip

Video: Batman v Superman is almost here, and yet somehow more new footage is dropping every day. A batch of six new clips have been released, including the one above in which Lex Luthor gives Supes a pep talk to fight Batman while Superman looks at Lex like he's sizing him up for one of his patented neck-snaps. The scene is presumably part of Lex's mastermind plan of setting the two heroes against each other. But what the hell does Lex have over Superman in this scene that he agrees to go toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight again?

Back when the San Diego Comic Con trailer for BvS released last year, we speculated about a shot that's clearly from the same scene as this, suggesting that Lex might have a shard of Kryptonite wrapped in his hand (Clark sort of recoils from his hand when Lex moves close to him), using it to goad Superman into doing into his bidding:

Superman Gives Lex a Super-Stinkface in Another New Batman v Superman Clip

Who knows? But it certainly is all kinds of mysterious.

While you ponder that one, here's the five other clips -- the newest being the first two featuring a conversation between Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne, and another of Lois working her beat at the Daily Planet. The others have been around before (like the clip of Batman fighting Superman), but they're still worth a look.

Batman v Superman will finally premiere on March 24.

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    So if you join all the clips together, do we have the entire movie now?

      No, you have about 10 minutes from a 151min movie.

        Which after watching the clips, is enough for me.
        2hrs, 31mins for BvS? Jesus.

        Last edited 18/03/16 12:46 pm

          Yeah I'm totally going to have to remember to go to the bathroom before the movie.
          Also not drink anything during it.

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