Seiko's Latest Marketing Video Is An Enchanting Rube Goldberg Spectacle

Seiko's best known for its watch business, but the folks there can also put out a mean marketing video when they want to. And by "mean" I should really say "amazing", if this Rube Goldberg-inspired number is anything to go by.

When it comes to "Why?", there's nothing too special to say. Going from the video's description, the company simply wanted to embody its slogan "SEIKO. Moving ahead. Touching hearts". Which I think it manages to do, if hearts were tiny mechanical constructs with watch-like parts.

Speaking of parts, over the course of three and a bit minutes you'll see some "47 types and 1200 individual" pieces. Feel free to try and count (and identify) them all.

I'm not entirely sold on the music and vocals — at least for me they quickly started to grate my nerves and distracted from the precision work transpiring in the clip. Otherwise, it's a delicate, enchanting piece of promotional material.

[Seiko, via Neatorama]

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