Seagate’s New 10GBps SSD Will Be The World’s Fastest

Seagate’s New 10GBps SSD Will Be The World’s Fastest

Seagate’s new SSD will be very, very fast indeed. In fact, able to transfer data at up to 10GBps, it’s 6GBps faster than its previous best — and it’s claimed it will be the fastest in the world.

Designed for enterprise use — so don’t expect it to be in your desktop just yet — there are few extra details at the time of writing. No read-write rates, no capacities and certainly no pricing. The drive will be available some time in winter.

What makes it so fast? PC World reports that it’s based on what’s known as the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) interface. That standard was developed back in 2011 by over 80 companies, and it uses fewer layers of commands than in other SSD protocols — such as SATA — making it faster.

The speed can be upped further by adding more lanes to the PCIe interface: Seagates’s previous fastest used eight lanes to achieve data transfer rates of 4GBps, but the new SSD will use 16 to push that figure up to 10GBps.

Seagate will also provide a new eight-lane SSD which will provide speeds of 6.7GBps — and an associated cost saving. Both will be available in winter.

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Image by Seagate