Samsung Says Its New S7 Is Waterproof, So We Threw It In A Fish Tank

The best part about the big bold claims tech companies make about their products? You get to test those claims. Which is why we abandoned a Samsung S7 in a fish tank for a little over thirty minutes. Contrary to what some people are saying, the Samsung S7 is waterproof. If you leave it in standing water for thirty minutes you will still have a working phone. If you leave it a few minutes longer because you maybe took your sweet time walking over to the testing table, it will still work when you pull it out of the water.

If you expect it to do anything while it's in the water you will be sorely disappointed. I queued up an adorable 30-plus minute video of sea turtles to run during the test, but the Wi-Fi crapped out as soon as the phone was submersed. It also doesn't like to respond to input attempts while underwater.

But it is waterproof.

In addition to testing how waterproof it is, we also checked out how good its standby battery life is (really, really good) and how quickly its camera focuses compared to the iPhone 6s Plus and LG G4.



    Indeed just because my car has a bull bar doesn't mean I'm purposely going to test it out on the nearest bull, or in this case , Chuck my mobile in the nearest fish tank, it will certainly be nice though to not have to worry about accidentally splashing a bit of water on the phone while doing the daily Harry suburban chores., or copping a bit of a rain shower .

      Strange analogy. Your "bull" bar is far more likely to come into contact with a human than a bull, or even a roo - and yes I have driven 000's of km in the bush and outback and at night without one in reply to the inevitable reply...

      Testing a claim of water resistance is something that is anyone with a phone would consider an important everyday hazard to overcome.

    Impressive. Now you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving your phone in your jeans when you put it in the wash.

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      You probably do (have to worry) – immersion in still water, as in the test, is not the same as immersion in turbulent water, as in a washing machine, the ocean, or even under a running tap. In these cases the effect is to simulate greater water pressure and depending on the ATM resistance factor of the item (a phone, a watch, etc.), water may get in and cause damage. I guess the issue is whether this new phone is resistant to water/fluids getting inside at certain ATMs and affecting vulnerable componentry, or that the componentry inside the phone is simply unaffected by water/fluids.

        Not to mention if the water has soap in it which breaks the surface tension of the water the water will flow more easily into tiny holes or spaces!

        I learned this the hard way at a water park with an IP57 certified phone.

      Maybe. This was static water test. Not a phone put into water with agitation and being bumped/knocked around. However, that'd be great to see. Could this phone survive a full wash cycle, including spin cycle?

    And Samsung will honor warranty claims for water damaged phones? Just like Sony with the Z3 & Z5. NOT!

    If they do use the term "water proof" in Australian advertising, then they'll have to or the ACCC will give them a whipping

      No, Samsung do not use the term waterproof, everything is listed as water resistant, something the presenter probably should have known.

    Did she say 5m depth? Sounds a little optimistic.

    Ball's in your court, Apple. I'd like a waterproof iPhone, please.

    I've never lost or damaged a phone due to water, but one day it'll happen, and I'd like to think that a hasty retrieval won't result in long-term damage.

      The later iPhones kinda do - there are YouTube videos demonstrating something similar. It isn't official though.

        They definitely don't. I've lost an i5 and an i6 due to pool-related incidents.

    Good to know the water proofing works, but I hope I never have to find out for myself. I do love the battery on it though, 25hrs on battery so far and only at 14%, I want to run it flat and thought that might happen over night, still about 3hrs of life left.

    I left my Nexus 6 on the side of the spa when I put the cover on the other night. I found it the next morning fully submersed to about 60cm, pulled it out and it was still working perfectly. Still is days later. There are many phones which have waterproof capabilities, but they just don't have the guts to put it as a feature on the box. I've ordered an S7 now, because I can see myself doing this again and I don't want to stop using my phone in the spa.

    Lil Wayne does it better :)

    Impressive now you don't have to worry about dropping it into the toilet bowl as I find myself with phone in hand more often when going to bathroom. Still I think the phone is way overpriced for what is essentially a product with a twelve month lifespan. A new model is only around the corner as S6edge buyers are well aware.its way over priced .

    Ive got tge Samsung s7 edge.
    It is water proof. But they dont tell you the damage can be caused buy saltwater.
    I dropped mine in the water at the beach.
    That day it was playing up due to corrosion in the power jack.

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