Razer's New BlackWidow X Keyboard Is $330

A minimalist version of the popular BlackWidow keyboard, Razer's new BlackWidow X Chroma is smaller, sleeker and more straightforward. It's also cheaper, says Razer, but it'll still set you back $330 in Australia. Man, mechanical keyboards are expensive.

That's the price you pay for Razer's excellent bespoke mechanical key switches, per-key customisable Chroma lighting and the sturdy metal top plate that's inside all Razer keyboards. Because Razer allows its users to publish different Chroma lighting schemes through the companion Chroma app, there's customised lighting for specific games like Overwatch and Call of Duty.

The BlackWidow X is different to the original BlackWidow in that its metal top plate is exposed — there's no glossy protective cover like on the original, which means that light bleeds out from the back of the keys a little more. The sharp, angular Razer styling is still in abundance, and the BlackWidow X still looks like it'll survive a sustained thermonuclear exchange.

If $329.95 is too rich for your blood, Razer has also introduced a new, lower-tier BlackWidow X Ultimate using Cherry's reliable MX Blue clicky mechanical switches that'll set you back $159.95. Sitting in between the Ultimate and the BlackWidow X Chroma, too, is the smaller tenkeyless Tournament Edition for $269.95.

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