Parrot's Zik 3 Are Your New Favourite $600 Wireless Headphones

Parrot's Zik 2.0 headphones were the headphones to buy last year if you wanted the holy trinity of active noise cancelling, Bluetooth and a rechargeable internal battery. Now there's a new version in the Zik 3, which will be out in Australia from the end of this month, adding a few nifty new features like wireless charging.

The new Zik 3 is available in eight different colours -- crocodile-textured black, brown green and read, quilted black or ivory, and black or brown plain leather -- and looks remarkably similar to the Zik 2, apart from a larger, thicker headband with more cushioning. It's under the hood that all the significant updates have been made, though; first on that list is Qi wireless charging, so you could throw the Zik 3 on the same pad as your new Samsung Galaxy S7 and restore the headphones' 18 hours of battery life in a two-hour charge.

The same versatile Bluetooth connectivity and NFC pairing returns, too, with Parrot's excellent Zik app for iOS and Android letting users control the headphones' excellent active adaptive noise cancelling and custom equalisation. Even without the app, the headphones pause themselves when you take them off with music playing, and start it back up again when you replace them. The right earpad, too, is a touch-sensitive control panel -- swipe up to change volume, swipe sideways to skip tracks, tap to pause. They're smart.

The new Parrot Zik 3 headphones, at an eye-watering $599.99 recommended retail price, are available for pre-order now on Parrot's website -- with sales in retail starting in late March.

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    I can vouch for the ziks. Great for people who want noise cancelling without sacrificing audio quality (unlike Bose). I used to use my Etymotic hf5s on flights, but the ziks are far more comfortable and sound almost as good.

      Out of curiosity what audio quality is bose messing up? I certainly cant compare the two as i only own the bose quiet comfort 25's .

    Yeees but they also look like a kitchen utensil holding two mince patties to your head.

    I tried the original parrot bt headphones with nc, and they were terrible. You switch on nc and it creates a high pitched noise. Is it the same with the new ones? I opted for Sony's regular bt headphones instead (mdr1bt)

    It's a shame they haven't moved away from their lame branding.

    Really!. Vmoda cross fade wireless by far better headphones than this junk

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