On Twitter's 10th Birthday, We Ask: Are All First Tweets This Boring?

It's Twitter's 10th birthday today! Over the years the platform has grown into something far greater than even Twitter imagined. "From the rise of #auspol to catalogue the Australian political scene, to #illridewithyou, which saw Australians band together in the wake of the Sydney siege, Twitter has changed how the world communicates by giving everyone a voice," Twitter said in a statement today.

But do you remember your first tweet? In celebration of reaching a decade of micro-blogging, Twitter have released the first tweets of some prominent Aussies. And as it turns out, first tweets are kind of, well, boring. Even the first tweet ever is best described as "meh".

Image: Twin Design / Shutterstock.com

To be fair, mine was no better (and I was super late to the party). I used a new social media platform to brag about my baking skills. Nothing much has changed, really.

How does your first tweet compare to these well-known Australians? Is it just as mundane? You can see your first tweet by heading to Twitter discover.

Luckily we've all improved since then, even marginally. Right?

Twitter have also chosen today to announce a partnership with the National Museum of Australia to create what it describes as "a world-first mobile interactive 'booth' that will explore history through a Twitter lens and examine how social media is both recording and shaping our national story".



    I often ask the question: all are gizmodo's journalism and editorial team capable of reading and writing at a high school levels. And all are giz articles so bad these days?

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      Hey @Jaded - thank you for the feedback. I do try to mix up my style a little depending on what I'm discussing, perhaps some of my science articles are better suited to your reading taste?

      I hope you have a great day! :)

    Hayne's comment about having a massive hit on the fifa last night is this a new party drug i am not aware of?

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