Obama Keeps Inviting Star Wars Stormtroopers To The White House

Obama Keeps Inviting Star Wars Stormtroopers to The White House

Today's Easter Egg Roll at the White House had everything: The Easter Bunny, lots of Easter eggs, and... stormtroopers? For some reason Star Wars stormtroopers keep showing up at Obama events. But the weirdest part might be that Obama hasn't even seen The Force Awakens yet. Every two-term president has a scandal in their second term. For Nixon it was Watergate. Reagan? Iran-Contra. Clinton? Lewinski. Obama's scandal? He cut off a press conference in December to say he was going to see the new Star Wars movie. We learned later that he didn't see the film. If there was ever a scandal that could sink the president...

President Obama has said in the past that he saw the original Star Wars when he was 14 or 15. And he has insisted that his favourite Star Wars character is Han Solo. But that doesn't explain why stormtroopers keep popping up at Obama events like today's Easter Egg Roll.

Which side are you on, Mr President? Because it looks like you're palling around with The Empire while only paying lip service to the forces of good like Han Solo and the Easter Bunny.

To be fair, the press conference of lies in December also featured R2-D2, but we have to assume that the poor robot was being held hostage.

Obama Keeps Inviting Star Wars Stormtroopers to The White House

White House Press secretary Josh Earnest with stormtroopers and R2-DR at a press conference in December (Associated Press)

So what is it, Mr President? Have you seen The Force Awakens yet? Do you plan to? Star Wars has actually played an important role in US presidential politics ever since President Carter watched it with Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in the lead up to the Camp David Peace Accords.

Perhaps most importantly, it's time to decide who you're with, Obama? Because we don't see Rey or Finn at any of your events.

[Gif via ABCPolitics Vine]

Top: President Obama giving a fist bump to stormtroopers while giving a pat on the shoulder to the Easter Bunny (ABC Vine)

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