New Zealand Is Keeping Its Flag After All

New Zealand's Keeping Its Flag After All

New Zealand's existing flag. The citizens of New Zealand have voted to keep its existing flag after a ten-month long process to redesign it. A national referendum saw the majority of voters choose to keep the existing design.

According to the BBC, a total of 2,119,953 votes were cast in the head-to-head competition, which saw the existing flag up against the newly designed Silver Fern, pictured below. Ultimately, 56.61 per cent of people voted to stick with the old flag.

New Zealand's Keeping Its Flag After All

The new -- and unsuccessful -- design, known as the Silver Fern

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has taken to Twitter to encourage New Zealanders to "embrace" the old design and "be proud of it":

The quest to find a new flag began with the country crowd-sourcing new designs. The field was then whittled down to a long list of 40 finalists, then to a short list of four and finally just to one, the Silver Fern, which had to battle it out against the old faithful. [BBC]



    I think it was obviously rigged, The other flag wasn't anywhere near the best option, it seemed to me to have been specifically chosen to lose the final vote.

    Well, that was a waste of time and money.

    As a republican, one of the things I cannot wait for is the day when we replace the union flag on the flag of Australia. It's an utter embarrassment.

      It doesn't embarrass me mate. A symbol of the home of parliamenary democracy, human rights enshrined in legislation, secularisim, one law for all people and the rule of law douldn't embarass anyone. Prefer some symbol of totalitarianism like a crescent moon or a hammer and sickle would you?

    Well as they say, the loudest people don't necessary mean the most number of people.

    The failure in all this was letting the public choose between the new and old. Should of just had them vote on the four finalists and been done with it. Or had them vote on whether or not they wanted to change the flag in the first place, and scrapped the whole thing before wasting all this time and money.

    It's a shame, the finalist seemed a good mix of New Zealand with a nod to the old flag. The world needs less imperialistic union jacks.

    I believe it was a poor choice of alternative. I reckon the black and white koru flag was the best.

    I guess some people find it difficult that the majority wanted to retain the existing flag.

    The proposed flag would have been hard to replicate by hand, due to the organic look of the fern.
    Every attempted drawing of the fern would look different. Besides, you can find plenty of ferns right here in Australia, and other forests around the world.

    I for one am actually happy with the outcome...

    If you haven't heard of him yet there's a guy named Harold Scruby who runs a group called "Ausflag" (google it...)

    Harold desperately, passionately, fanatically, wants to be the man who changed Australia's flag, preferably to one he designed of which he has dozens if not hundreds of alternatives on his website. Don't ask him to talk about it if you ever meet him. Not unless you're prepared to be there for quite some time. Bring a packed lunch.

    If the Kiwis had changed their flag IMO he would have become unbearable.

    On another note, our friend Harold here is also the self elected President of the so called "Pedestrian Council" of Australia whose agenda is that we ban all cars and walk everywhere... including our vast distances of the outback, and he hasn't really got an answer when it comes to say, mining or inter State transport. That should give you some idea of his general grasp on reality.

    Isn't that the Australian flag? :P

      New Zealanders would be well within their rights to say no, Australians just took credit for it the way they take credit for everything else from New Zealand :P The New Zealand flag was adopted in 1869, where the Australian one dates to 1901 (though technically it's derived from the Victorian flag from 1870)

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