New SD Cards Will Support 360, 3D And 8K Video At Up To 90MBps

New SD Cards Will Support 360, 3D, and 8K Video at up to 90MBps

It will soon be time to toss out your dusty old memory cards. The SD Association has announced that the next generation of cards will support 360 degree, 3D and 8K video, all at write speeds of up to an amazing 90MB per second. The update, which will take us up to version 5.0 of SD, will be welcome news for people who shoot footage to the memory cards. New cards will come marked with a Video Speed Class marker, which will range from V6 (6 MBps) to V90 (90MBps). The V60 and V90 cards will be required to shoot 8K video, while the lower classes will all support 4K capture. Expect prices to vary accordingly, too.

There are some more technical upgrades that arrive with the specification, too. The cards will now write to larger memory blocks of up to 512MB, making them a little faster, and will also provide the means to interleave up to eight files, which is expected to be useful for capturing 360 vide0.

[SD Association via AnandTech via PetaPixel]

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    meh. People aren't going to throw out their 'dusty old memory cards' any time soon, just because the new SD cars support 360 degree, 3D and 8K. 360 degree is still just a gimmick and is a nich product for now. 3D died years ago and only the pro's will need 8K. Go to video stock sites and see how popular 1080p video still is. You might be surprised.

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      But that write speed suddenly makes these things useful as drive space, particularly for handling recording on future mobile phones, or in small form-factor gaming consoles.

      "3D died years ago"
      Tell that to all the companies releasing VR Headsets. 3D H-SBS movies look amazing on a headset.

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