Microsoft Made A Special Version Of Windows 10 For China's Government

Microsoft Made a Special Version of Windows 10 for China's Government

While Windows 10 has been a success in much of the world, it hasn't had a great rollout in China. In a bid to improve things a little, Microsoft has quietly produced a unique version of 10 for China's government, with fewer games and more worker oversight. According to Caixin, the version is called "Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition". It strips out many of the apps and services aimed at consumers, and instead adds more administrator and security controls. Microsoft worked with CETC, a Chinese state-run technology and defence corporation, to make the version of Windows.

Kow-towing to the Chinese government to produce a custom OS may seem like an odd move for a US software giant, at a time when the US government is seeking to prosecute Chinese government employees for hacking. But Microsoft is hoping that the special version of Windows will help drive adoption of its software in China, while also doing something about the piracy problem it currently faces in the country.

[Caixin via TechInAsia]


    Where can I get a copy this is the version I wanted but never got?!?
    games that don't load instantly because of the data exchange and consumer evaluation they are loading. Luck wheels within games that are rigged and never ever let you land on the jackpot (you can viable seem them glitch speeding up or slowing down when you get close)
    Cortanan, why cant i uninstall t, for that matter why cant I uninstall more then half of the crap they clogged my PC up with in their push to invade my privacy and encourage consumerism for quarter baked products.
    It's free for a reason isnt it, sheesh.

      Windows 10 - Now with a free tin foil hat.

        You know what, if I could get this version of Windows 10, and it actually came with a tinfoil hat, I'd happily were it.

        Less games, more admin tools? Yes please.

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