Melbourne Is Getting Public Transport Information On Google Maps From Today

Commuters in Melbourne can now use Google Transit to make planning their journey around the city, thanks to a collaboration with Public Transport Victoria. Information about stops, routes and schedules for Melbourne buses, coaches, trams and trains will now be available on Google Maps.

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For Melbournites, here's how you use it on desktop. Say you're planning a trip between the University of Melbourne and Southern Cross Station, you can simply type in the two locations to get information about which tram to catch. With the new version of Google Maps, you can also compare different public transport options to work out when you need to leave to arrive at your destination on time.

Google Transit is also available on Google Maps for Android and iPhone. Simply search for where you want go and Google Maps will show you how to get there using public transport from your current location.

"We hope Google Transit in Melbourne will make it easier for you to plan your next journey and will help give you more time to explore what Melbourne has to offer," Google said today in a statement.



    Oh wow, I guess this is one of those exceedingly rare times where I can actually say "Ive had that on Windows maps for half a year now"!

    I'll see myself out.

      It's been supported (by Google Maps) in Sydney for quite a while now. Not sure why Melbourne took so long.

        I don't think it was Google's fault that it wasn't available. I think PTV has been a real pain in the butt for them to work with in terms of providing the data in a usable form.

        Even now, there is no reliable way to get real-time train data from them, even though their tracking system has been providing it internally for decades (ie, the platform at the station knows how far away the train is).

        Real-time tram tracking data is easy for Google to come by, but the buses and trains are still going to be a PITA.

        Last edited 23/03/16 3:36 pm

          Its not the data - it's the PT system in Victoria - its way more complicated than it should be - rather than just running a high frequency system - they try to juggle peak and troughs in load with different timetables. Summer timetables, event timetables - footy trains, Melbourne cup trains etc Bus routes that have 3 or variations during the week, a city loop that reverses direction at 2 pm and other crazy stuff most other places don't do.

        Pretty sure this was already supported in google maps for Melbourne?

      Same, three years ago I had public transport info on WP7 in Perth. I guess WA didn't have to "Wait Awhile" for this one :D

        Perth was one of the first cities in WA to get its public transport searchable on Google Transit / Maps. I think that even happened before Windows Phone was a thing :)

      You only have to see yourself out because Windows phone users have no friends.

    Always wondered why Google was so late to the party here. Glad it's finally dealt with.

    Next up: support the live bus tracking data in Sydney? please? It's been over 3 years now..

    Now if only we could have a reliable train service in Melbourne... with real-time updates on cancellations/delays.

    Yeah even Brisbane has had public transport data on Google maps for ages. Works very well.

    PTV made the data available through an API a fair while ago now. However, the reliability/speed of that system was absolute pants and the integrity if the data was "far from minimum required level"

    SOURCE: I had a *cough* "friend" *cough* who had to run QA on the first version of the data API

    Last edited 23/03/16 4:28 pm

    Surprised it took so long- I reckon Adelaide public transport has been integrated with google maps for 7-8 years at least

    I'd like to be the first to welcome Melbourne to 2011.

    To be fair Melbourne has the world's longest tram network by a decent margin 250 kilometres of track, 493 trams, 25 routes, and 1,763 tram stops.

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