Meet Wonder Woman's Girl Gang

In this latest image released for the official Wonder Woman movie due out in 2017, we are introduced to Diana's squad.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the posse is made up of Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta (played by Connie Nielsen), General Antiope (Robin Wright) and her lieutenant, Menalippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli).

As their island home's only child (due to lack of men reasons, mostly), they are responsible for raising and training Diana, and each have a different take on how that should be done.

Hippolyta wants to keep her daughter from the world, for example, while Antiope trains Diana to be ready to face it head on.

Director Patty Jenkins explains: "She is the only child they raised together, and their love for her manifests in a different way for each of them."

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    I get annoyed that all the grunts and henchmen of male villains are these buff dudes that actually look strong and then they cast these women and they take no effort make them get fit or physically build muscle. Just a rant but they really should make these women bulk as it makes sense because they're Amazonian warriors.

      I hear what you're saying, but I guess for me if I really had to cast some fighting video game/comic attributes they would be something like:
      - Man is stronger than woman
      - Woman has better skill/agility than Man
      - Both have equal "planning" power, but man would lean to a stronger approach (raid villages, kill women and children to prove a point) whereas women might take a more sabotuer approach turning armies against armies while going in for the kill

      Both can get the job done, it's like having balanced stats and running some fight simulations. So when I see the buff male vs the "amazonian" female it's fine, her skill and comic power are fine.

      Also, if you don't think it takes commitment for a woman to look like Gal Gadot does.......

      TLDR: Wonder woman didn't look like a female bodybuilder in the comics... doesn't need to in these films to match mans "strength" either.

        Who's saying body builder? She doesn't even have capped shoulders, trapes, quads, meds, tris or solid V. I'm not saying you need to be a body builder but you need to at least look like someone who could throw a punch. Take a look at Rousey as an example of someone who you can clearly see has muscle on but has a healthy weight so isn't overly defined. She's not a great actor so I wouldn't cast, regardless you get my point.

        Also regarding the commitment it takes, look if you wanna look thin cool, my gf does too but she also lifts because she wants to be strong as well. But maintaining a bikini body compared to a swole/lifting/muscular body there is no comparison in my personal opinion.

        I still watch these movies anyway, it doesn't really affect me but I would like to see some more effort put in from producers, directors, & casting to get some to look somewhat like the character they're portraying as.

          Sorry when you said bulk I assumed you meant bulk, but I know what you mean know.... tight crossfit style nuggety fit look.

          Yeah I can agree to some degree, the looks shouldnt be the defining characteristic. You should be able to look at her and think "She's good looking, tall and a warrior" (Lagertha from Vikings is a good example). Looks like she did learn martial arts and trained with the same dude that trained Henry Cavill for Superman.

          All things considered though, I don't look at her and think they chose some bombshell. She does fit the bill, but I guess it couldn't have hurt for her to gain a couple pounds of muscle in her training.... I'm still unphased at their choice/end goal of her training.... It could have been a LOT worse.

      I agree to some extent but:
      (a) Remember how small a role she had in BvS. Maybe she couldn't afford the time to add mass for that. Maybe she can afford to do the training when she's the lead.
      (b) She shouldn't look like a weightlifter, or even necessarily like a boxer. She swings a sword for a living, she might for instance look like these two, who swing cricket bats for the Australian women's team.

    Yes because of reality women kick arse over males every time .....not

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