Lunch Time Deals: Up To 70% Off Sony Home Theatre Gear

When you're buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo's Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the 'net. Today, Today, Sony is clearing out some incredibly high quality home theatre gear again for an amazingly good price.

Lifehacker has all the details, including links to each product. The excellent STR-DN1060 receiver-amplifier is $649 down from $1299, for example, and these $509 SS-HA1 Hi-Res Audio stereo bookshelf speakers would make a great start to a high-quality home audio setup. [Lifehacker]


    I see sales like this and just wish I didn't have a stupid HTIB with stupid ohm speakers :(. If I could just buy a receiver and upgrade, and then get speakers later, it would be totally achievable. 2-4k on receiver and speakers though? :(

      Tell me about it. I have a 7.2 Muteki setup that, while it does a job, has me in a bit of a pickle.

      One of the tower speakers has blown, so do I try and get that speaker fixed, replace both towers, or start fresh with a new build?

        Start again! The money factor sucks though.

        On the plus side I got my 7.1 Samsung for a bargain. Friend had it overheat, sent it back on warranty, and bought a muteki while he waited. Worked for a year before overheating with me, I just opened it up and soldered in a better fan than the pissy one Samsung used and never had a problem again.

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          Money isnt really a problem for me, so I can just start again if I need to. But I hate to waste whats essentially a solid system with just one relatively minor problem.

          Nobody seems to know for sure if I can just plug a new set of speakers in and have it up and running again, which is fair enough given I'm asking at a major retail chain and not a dedicated audio store.

          Either way, I'll sort it. The tele plugged into it has half decent speakers, and the soundbar I'm using does a good enough job for now. Its just I miss that surround sound it really pumps out when everythings working as intended. And I want the soundbar back in the bedroom like its meant to be :)

            From everything I've been reading, you might be able to solder some resisters inline with speakers depending on the ohm difference between receiver and speakers, but ultimately you're risking a blown speaker or overheating the receiver. At least with mine the sub could be re-used, with the muteki even the subs are integrated.

              Yeah, and thats whats got me second guessing. The muteki isnt a BAD system, and as a whole entry level setup its well worth the money. Its just that nobody can give me a clear answer one way or another about being able to simply plug a new speaker in and keep going.

              I dont mind spending the money if its screwed, I just dont like wasting money for no real benefit.

                Is it economical to replace the busted part with a Sony replacement spare part?

                  I'm not sure, I've gotten conflicting advice about it from people I'd expect know more than me on this.

                  Its one of the things to consider. Can I effectively pop the speaker out, cut some wires, solder a new speaker in, and be on my way. I cant see why not, others have said there are issues.

                  Basically yes, you can just replace the driver with one that's compatible - same size/shape, impedance, power handling.

                  However, the frequency response of the new driver may not match the other side, which (depending on how close it is) might noticeably affect your sound quality & stereo imaging. This could be reduced if you also replaced the corresponding driver in the other speaker...

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