Livestream Every Australian TV Channel On Your Phone (Soon)

Livestream Every Australian TV Channel On Your Phone (Soon)

Following Freeview’s announcement that the FreeviewPlus service now reaches 900,000 Australians, it has today been revealed that a new FreeviewPlus live streaming and catch-up TV mobile app is to be launched. The app will feature every Australian Free To Air (FTA) network — including SBS.

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Freeview CEO, Liz Ross, said she was delighted that the strength of collaboration across the FTA broadcasters around the program had also influenced the decision by SBS to re-join Freeview.

FreeviewPlus launched in 2014 just after SBS announced it’s own HbbTV service and in 2015 the network removed itself from Freeview completely.

“We have an exciting year ahead in free-to-air television and the spirit of progress and collaboration will deliver some significant innovations in 2016,” Ross said. “We’re especially glad to welcome SBS back to the Freeview family.”

“It’s clear that consumers are in charge of their viewing and they want the flexibility to watch what they want, when they want, on the best available screen at the time even when out of home,” Ross said.

“Freeview has responded to changing viewing habits and we are excited about the FreeviewPlus multi-screen future.”

A new chairman for Freeview, Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer Clive Dickens, has stepped in to replace Kim Dalton — who served seven years in the role.

“We would like to thank Kim for his vision and energy in the role,” incoming Chairman Dickens said. “Under his stewardship, Freeview has launched the award-winning hybrid TV service FreeviewPlus delivering Australian audiences the best in FTA TV technology.

“This year will continue to be one of collaboration and innovation for Freeview leading with FreeviewPlus mobile product and we look forward to announcing even more exciting IP initiatives in the coming months,” Dickens said.

Further improvements to the service will also be made, including upgrading FreeviewPlus which will allow viewers access to “a wider range of features and functionality, the details of which will be announced later this year,” a statement from Freeview reads.