Lady Gaga Will Be Back For American Horror Story's Mysterious Sixth Season

Lady Gaga Will Be Back for American Horror Story's Mysterious Sixth Season

After her Golden Globe win for American Horror Story: Hotel — and the fact that she seemed to be having a rip-roaring good time all season playing a melancholy vampire queen dripping in couture — it's no surprise that Lady Gaga has confirmed her return to AHS's next season. Her role is as-yet unclear, along with just about everything about AHS's sixth season. As TV Line reminds us:

Little is known about the premise of Season 6, although at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January FX boss John Landgraf revealed to reporters that the new chapter would be "set in the present" with "echoes of the past" mixed in.

"It's set in two time periods," he added, "but principally in the present."

The two time periods thing isn't new for the Ryan Murphy show; last season alone had flashbacks galore to the Hotel Cortez's early days. So we're still left wondering: What will the season six setting be?

Top image: Lady Gaga arrives at the Oscars on 28 February 2016. Photo by Al Powers/Invision/AP

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