Kanye Posts Pablo Track To Apple Music After All

Heartless! Kanye Posts Pablo Track to Apple Music After All

Remember that Tidal subscription you got to listen to Kanye's new album The Life of Pablo? Turns out not all of that Mr West's definition of "exclusive" is somewhat looser than most.

A track from the album, "Famous", is now up on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play (although it is a slightly altered version with one small lyrical change). He said it would never be for sale, then it was briefly for sale on his website. He said it would only be on Tidal, and now it is on services which are decidedly not Tidal!

Since the chaos surrounding Pablo's long, sluggish and strangely iterative release led an estimated 500,000 fans to just steal the damn thing instead of figuring out where they could or couldn't buy it, we'd imagine only the Tidal execs are upset about this infraction.

But I guess you get that.


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    Just let me buy the album Kanye. I do not, and likely will not, subscribe to a music streaming service. But I would pay for your album, in its entirety. Let me give you my money!

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