Jurassic Park Without Any Dinosaurs Still Manages To Be Creepy

Jurassic Park Without Any Dinosaurs Still Manages to Be Creepy

The first thing people are supposed to notice about Jurassic Park are, obviously, the dinosaurs. But what would you be left with if you took the T-Rexex out? Some sweeping vistas and people getting very emotional about trees.

William Hirsch, the man behind the Vidsplode YouTube channel, used a little VFX trickery to take the dinosaurs out a two-minute clip of the original Jurassic Park. It's good for a laugh -- watch the dumb people really digging that nature! -- but it's also good for focusing on the aspects of the film that didn't involve giant prehistoric creatures. For one, that soundtrack is really something.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]


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