It Takes These Brazen Thieves Just Seconds To Install An Invisible Card Skimmer

This unsettling video, released by Miami Beach Police in Florida, shows just how little time is needed for thieves to install a card skimmer on an ATM or debit machine.

In the video, two of the thieves first distract the clerks working behind the counter of this convenience store, so the third accomplice can quickly attach a card skimmer atop the store's existing debit machine. It all happens in just seconds, and neither the store clerks, nor follow-up customers, would be able to spot the skimmer.

Someone eventually did realise what happened, which led to the local police using the store's surveillance camera footage to pinpoint exactly when the skimmer was installed. It's an alarming story. You don't need to cut cards and revert to cash or anything, but do be extra-careful when you swiped

[YouTube via Ubergizmo]

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    Are these things able to skim paypass as well or is that safe?

      Depends on the skimmer. Doesn't need much more than an RFID reader installed with it.

        I was under the impression that there was some sort of encryption used as well. Pity that Mythbusters episode for killed :(

          Nice article here.

    Don't these card skimmers rely on the magnetic-strip type cards, widely used in the U.S. but mostly replaced by chip-based cards elsewhere?

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