iPhone SE From Vodafone: 2 Months Unlimited Data, Extra 1GB Per Month

If you're eyeing off the new iPhone SE and looking to go with Vodafone, the company now has details available for what you'll get it if you sign on. It's not going to disintegrate anyone's socks, but it might just be sweet enough to bring you over from the likes of Optus or Telstra.

As expected, Vodafone will have the SE on sale come its official launch date of 31 March. The standard 3GB plan will set you back $65 per month for the 16GB device and $73 per month for the 64GB handset.

Of note is that Vodafone is offering an extra gigabyte per month (for a total of 4GB on the standard plan) if you sign up before 7 June and a month's free access if you get in before 29 March.

Finally -- though this is currently standard across a number of its plans -- you'll get two months of unlimited data if you're on-board before 3 May.

You can hit up the Vodafone website below for the specifics, including info on Vodafone's $5 roaming offer.




    Don't fall for it people. Vodafone has the most ridiculous additional data charges! Once your 4gb runs out (and it will) you will be charged in excess of $10/mb any savings on the phone will quickly be eaten up by your $200+ monthly phone bills.

    Hey other Vodafone customer, Just to let you know.. Vodafone's data overage charges are actually $10/gb which is in line with every other telco.

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