In A Past Life Domino's Delivery Bot Was A Rolling Practice Target For The Military

In a Past Life Domino's Delivery Bot Was a Rolling Practice Target for the Military

Their new gigs might not pay any better, but the robots powering Domino's pizza delivery bots must be happy about their recent promotions. Because in a past life, they served as moving practice targets for military smart-shooters using live ammunition.

To help make deliveries, the robots, developed by a company called Marathon Targets, have been upgraded with onboard coolers and insulated compartments to keep drinks cool and pizzas hot. But previously they were decked out with bullet-proof armour, life-like soldier mannequins and artificial intelligence to allow them to roam a mock battlefield as an organised battalion.

There's no word on whether or not the robots' new Domino's-approved uniforms are also bullet-proof, but it might not be a bad idea since customers still expect to get a free pizza if it's not delivered in 30 minutes, even though no restaurant offers that any more.

[Marathon Targets via IEEE Spectrum]



    Great, a robot with potential PTSD. I wonder if it will one day lose it's mind and go on a killing rampage because it heard noises

    I can visualize people having fun with these things like...throwing beer bottles or paint at them. By the time it gets to the customer, it might even be covered in bodily excretements.

    Last edited 20/03/16 12:24 pm

      I suppose covering a former military robot in bodily excretements could count as fun, but it'd be a sick, weird, unusual (and possibily illegal) fun. No judging though....

      Last edited 21/03/16 10:00 am

        I wouldn't count it as fun either. I refer to the attitudes of certain individuals who make up our society. ie vandals and other sociopaths who out maneuver the laws here in Australia.

    What's the bet that you will still get the wrong order and be short changed.

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