How To Watch Apple's March Event, Bright And Early Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow's a day to set your alarms early, guys. Apple's March event is finally upon us, and it's an punishing start — here's when you'll need to roll out of bed and plug in your iPhone headphones.

Apple's first 2016 keynote event kicks off bright and early for us Aussies, although it's a leisurely 10AM start in California. In Australia, the live stream will kick off from 4AM AEDT (Sydney time), and you'll have to be using a Mac or iOS device, running the Safari browser — that's Mac OS X 10.8.5 or newer, and iOS 7 or newer. Outside of Apple devices, your only choice is a PC running Windows 10 and using Microsoft's Edge browser. Watch said live stream right here on Apple's website.

What to expect? Probably a new iPhone 5SE, but not the iPhone 7. Probably a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Anything more than that is a little bit up in the air.

P.S for anyone thinking of looking for any cryptic clues in the page's source code, don't bother — there's nothing especially interesting. "Check out our live March 2016 Apple Special Event and get a first look at what’s new" is about as informative as it gets. [Apple]

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