How To Turn A Can Into A Badarse Cheese Grater

How to Turn a Tin Can Into a Badass Cheese Grater

Video: Turning an old can into a grater might be a tedious process, but it offers the advantage of getting all those little food strips inside a vessel you can easily dump onto whatever you're making. With a little plastic wrap it could even be used to store your pre-grated ingredients for later — and it comes at the low price of basically free. Of course, you could also just buy this handy gadget from IKEA for all of $3. And doesn't take hours of your life to make. Or put you at risk of eating flecks of aluminium. But hey, you're an adult, make your own decisions.


    It might be useful in a post apocalyptic scenario where you don't have a grater but need cheese for nachos?

    OR for like $3 you can get one of these bad boys from IKEA. Grates, shreds, and comes with a lid for the container so you can seal what you don't use for freshness.

    I'm not saying IKEA has the solution to all life's problems readily available at a cost effective price, but I just don't feel comfortable grating my cheese on an old tin can I punched some holes in.

    Ignoring for a second the validity or otherwise of this idea, isn't this really a lifehacker story?

    Ummm, tins aren't made out of aluminium. Well the ones used in a tin of vegetables aren't.

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