How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills That Everyone Should Know

How to Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills That Everyone Should Know

Video: There are a few things that everyone should know how to do in a kitchen — cook rice, cook pasta, chop an onion and so on. Preferably, you're also able to do them well so you don't burn the rice, ruin the pasta and cry while dicing an onion. Gordon Ramsay shows us how to master simple skills in this quick video. He makes it all seem so easy.


    This would be ten times better if the cameraman laid off the amphetamines. Constantly zoomed right in and shaking around and in and out of focus so half the time you can barely see what he's actually doing.

      Still, I religiously watch Gordon Ramsay youtube channel because watching him tell me how to cook gives me inspiration. For example, that rice seasoning

    The oil in the pasta water stops the pan from bubbling over its got nothing to do with the stopping it from sticking together.

    Cooking is not that difficult, my mum thought me how to. I can even half bake a cake...

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