How To Make Chocolate From The Fruit To The Candy Bar

How to Make Chocolate from the Fruit to the Candy Bar

Video: Do you know where chocolate comes from? Apparently it isn't from the checkout line at supermarkets! How to Make Everything shows how to make chocolate from scratch, from the fruit of the cacao tree to the fermentation, to the sun drying process to making sugar and cocoa butter, to the grinding and tempering and moulding of the chocolate bar. There are so many steps, it's a wonder how we ever figured it out.


    Where does Chocolate come from? Blood Sweat and Tears.

    Blood from the animals slaughtered to make room for palm trees for the palm oil

    Sweat of poor slave workers forced to work on the farms

    Tears of women and children who's husband and father has been forced to work on the farms.

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