How To Make A Hot Glue Gun With A Soda Can And A Lighter

How to Make a Hot Glue Gun with a Soda Can and a Lighter

Making crafts? Nice. Got a glue gun? Awesome. Only one? Crap. When you have a lot of glue sticks but only one gun to load 'em in, just grab some soda cans, some tape, and a lighter to make your own homemade glue gun.

MrGear shows how in the video below. From the looks of it, it works pretty damn well and there's nothing that's more DIY than having your own DIY glue gun.


    Do you how hot the end of a lighter gets from continuous.

      This. I used to cook marshmallows with a lighter and a fork. It really hurts. Delicious though.

      Yep, practically the top of the lighter falls a part from the continuous heat.

      Heat guns are so cheap, just buy one if you value your safety.

      Next up, how to create a blow torch from a aerosol can and a match... Geez...

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