How Telstra Tested The Samsung Galaxy S7

Image Cache: Before a phone hits the market, its not just manufacturers that put the devices through rigorous testing. Telstra have revealed a behind-the-scenes look at what has been going on in preparation for the Samsung S7 launch, and it's pretty interesting.

Image: Telstra

Protocol performance, antenna and receiver sensitivity, user experience and voice quality are among the 3,360 tests performed on each phone, which take a team 1,068 hours to perform.

This included 68 hours of driving handsets around the country to test service on Telstra's network.

During testing 4,500 voice calls are made, 530 GB of data is transferred on the road and a further 1.1TB in the labs, pictured below.




    Do they test its ability to stream porn, waste an entire day on FB or Instagram and play candy crush? you know, real world testing?

      They do say they are "testing all the things you love to do on your phone like internet browsing, video streaming and different types of file transfers." so maybe :P

      Phones are too small for porn, you can't rest them on your chest to block your view of what you're doing to yourself, like you can with a laptop, tablet etc.

        I've learnt a lot about you today, @ManualFunky.

          I'm pretty suite I stole that from Jim Jefferies' stand-up show I watched on YouTube a while back... Honest.

    They obviously only test how much of their own bloatware the phone can handle but not the user.

    Finally Telstra are sharing this, fantastic. I think its well overdue that australian consumers be made aware of how many hoops a device manufacturer has to jump through in order to launch in this market. Better late than never, bravo!

      this was published quite a while ago.. nothing new here, move along...

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