How Some Of Your Favourite Game Of Thrones Characters Will Come Together

How Some Of Your Favourite Game Of Thrones Characters Will Come Together

James Gunn teases exciting scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Adam Driver offers some insight on the state of Star Wars Episode VIII. Supergirl teases a potential link to another superhero in its second season. Plus, The Walking Dead offers a glimpse of Negan, and new pictures from Ghostbusters and Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers get!

The God Particle

David Oyelowo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have been cast in Julius Onah’s thriller about a group of astronauts who discover a shocking revelation about the fabric of reality itself. [Variety]

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Director James Bobin discusses the film’s time travel conceit:

This film is a prequel and sequel… it’s very hard. Time travel movies are very hard… Luckily we have the licence of it being Wonderland, which is kind of crazy, but helpful, because obviously, logic in films is always a nightmare anyway. Logic in a time travel film is 100 times that… [But] I wanted to have an idea that she couldn’t change the past. The past is the past. It’s been and done, and that’s not normal.

Normally in films, if you change the past, it affects the future, the fading photographs and stuff. That’s a normal trope with this. I liked the idea that she couldn’t change anything. She can’t help his wife from dying. She can’t do that. She couldn’t change the past, but she could observe it and then learn things that could help her solve the problem in the future. That, I thought, was a much more clever idea and that’s what I wanted to pursue with this.

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Star Wars Episode VIII

Adam Driver is full of praise for the film’s script:

I think it’s more of a testament to Rian [Johnson] coming into something very established and making it [his own]. I can’t wait to get on set, just because he’s so unassuming and intelligent and approachable. The script they have come up with is really great.

He also offers up this truly shocking spoiler about the film’s plot:

They’re still at war. It’s still Star Wars. They’re not at peace.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Here’s a Q&A video James Gunn hosted on his Facebook channel about filming the movie — although there’s nothing major, he teases major scenes between Chris Pratt and Kurt Russell’s characters, and a “jaw-dropping” sequence with Pom Klementeiff’s Mantis.

X-Men Apocalypse

Here’s a new international trailer, containing very little new footage.

Suicide Squad

And here’s another international trailer, containing little new footage!


The ghostbusters get their bustin’ on in a new picture released via Empire.

Game of Thrones

Speaking at a press event in Los Angeles, Alfie Allen extensively described a scene early on in the new season in Theon and Sansa’s storyline, seemingly confirming that Brienne will, at long last, make some progress in her journey to find and protect the Stark daughters. It’s only taken her four years!

[Theon] sacrifices himself, because I guess he hasn’t really got much worth or meaning for himself in the world anymore. And so he leads [the Boltons] away — or rather that’s what he’s trying to do. In fact he doesn’t lead them away, because they see Sansa anyway and then Gwendoline Christie turns up as Brienne of Tarth and smashes everyone to shit. Dan Portman’s there — Pod — and then Pod ends up having a fight with this guy and then Theon stabs the guy in the back with the sword. He kills someone for the first time in ages, which must be a gratifying experience.

More at the link.

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Anupam Kher has tweeted about his return to filming on the Wachowski series.


Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teases the show dealing with the Cadmus project, which in the Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths comics, created Superboy:

We can’t speak to [Superboy]. You’re not going to see Cadmus this season. It will be something that gets saved for season 2… It’s definitely something that we’re going to pursue. Cadmus has such a rich history in the comics and the animated shows. There’s so much there to mine. It will definitely be part of season 2.



Rose McIver discusses how the season finale will change up the show’s dynamic for the third season:

I think now that our show is going into the third season, there’s room to shake the structure a little bit and play outside the box. But there are certainly great things about it being a procedural as a device for her being able to eat those brains each week, and for it to hang on these very specific story hooks can be fantastic, too.

I think it could kind of go either way at the moment, and I feel like story-wise and character dynamic-wise, relationship-wise, there’s really, really interesting stuff coming to play with.


The Flash

Kevin Smith has confirmed that his long-time collaborator Jason Mewes does indeed have a part to play in the episode of the show that he directed. [CBR]


Ruth Negga discusses her character, Tulip:

Everything is on Tulip’s terms. She sees the world through her kaleidoscope. She has super-strong morals, but they’re not maybe your morals. She has a childish idea of justice, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way…her idea of the world is so straight-forward.

She is so delicious, the tendency is to dive in and make her big.

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TV Line has an exclusive clip from the show’s penultimate episode of the season, featuring Magnus attempting to convince Alec to call off his wedding to Lydia.

The Walking Dead

Here’s a new promotional shot teasing the arrival of Negan on the show, as well as his infamous weapon of choice, Lucille the baseball bat.

Agents of SHIELD

Finally, a gallery of images from “Spacetime” has been released — you can find more at the link. [Coming Soon]

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