How Effects Artists Make Fake Wounds Look Real

How Effects Artists Make Fake Wounds Look Real

Video: Even the most dedicated of method actors usually aren't keen on having half their face blown off for a role. So where do they turn to when they need to look battle-worn and bloody? A very talented makeup or prosthetics department.

In this video, YouTubers Freakmo and Powdah team up to make a super gross infected knee appliance.

The process takes dozens of materials, from sculpting clays and silicone mixtures, including epoxy parfilm, spray plastic, paints and even Vaseline and K-Y Jelly. For an even more realistic touch, Freakmo bought some surgical staples and sutures.

Even after the fake wound is finished, it still takes several more layers of makeup and blood to make the whole thing look convincing — and it really does look convincing. Maybe don't watch the video if you're eating.

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