How Durable Is The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

How Durable Is the Galaxy S7 Edge?

Video: The short answer is: quite. YouTuber JerryRigEverything puts Samsung's new flagship smartphone through a battery of torture tests including scratching the front and back glass, holding a lighter to the screen and attempting to bend the phone in half.

The tempered glass screen survives any deep scratches up to a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale -- which correlates roughly to quartz -- meaning the keys or loose change in your pocket probably won't do much damage. Flames seem to not be very effective at slowing down the Edge either, thanks to a solid aluminium body and internal liquid cooling. And although repeated bending might break the waterproof seal, it probably won't permanently kink, which is all we can really ask for until they start making phones that can bend intentionally.


    One nitpick, they already have made phones that bend intentionally. See the first curved screen efforts from the likes of LG. They were pointless and not quite the flexible screens we foresee, but they could bend.

      There is a difference between "Bend intentionally" and "intentionally bent" ....

    Held up pretty good against most of it. Actually surprised the phone didn't just snap under the pressure of bending.

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