How Does The Cue Ball Always Come Out Of The Pool Table?

How Does the Cue Ball Always Come Out of the Pool Table?

Video: It's magnets! Seriously. There's a layer of iron underneath the cue ball that gets nudged and pulled by a strong magnet inside the pool table, putting it onto a completely different track than the rest of the balls in pool. That track is the one that spits out the cue ball. The other balls in pool don't have metal inside so they don't react to the magnet at all and just get sent down to their regular station through the regular track.


    I always thought the ball was a slightly different size.

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      It is, and a magnet may be what is used these days but traditionally the ball is slightly smaller and the track the balls run along will get slightly wider allowing the white ball to drop while keeping the coloured ones on track.

      Guess no one has told Gizmodo not to believe everything they see on the net...

        haha yeah, maybe in some really expensive rich guy tables its magnets, but I'm fairly confident that every pub table I've played on has been the small white ball.

      100% correct, I used to repair arcade machines and billiard tables. The slightly smaller white ball simply falls through a rail the balls run along that isn't wide enough for the others to fall through. Giz must have published the April 1st articles a few days early by mistake, this is total nonsense.

        I think it was just poor research, saw a concept video for some fancy table using magnets and thought "whoa, that's how it's done" and posted it to Gizmodo.

    Pretty sure you're right, it's a different size, there's a slot in each hole that is too small for the other balls to fall through, simple really.

    I always love....havung long pauses.....between each thought.....and allow the catch up.

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