How CG Wizards Made Schwarzenegger Beat The Crap Out Of Himself

How CG Wizards Made Schwarzenegger Beat the Crap Out of Himself

Terminator Genisys might not have been the most popular movie of 2015, but it did include a memorable fight scene where the old and young versions of Schwarzenegger's T-800 have an epic street brawl. But how was Arnold able to fight himself? Cutting edge CG, obviously.

How CG Wizards Made Schwarzenegger Beat the Crap Out of Himself

The Moving Picture Company was one of the many visual effects studios to work on the film and it handled the scenes where Arnold goes toe-to-toe with the younger version of himself. Because face scanning technologies didn't exist back in 1984, it wasn't as easy as just digging up old digital models of the actor. But working with old photos and footage, they were able to convincingly bring the character back to life.

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    I've never seen Genisys but damn, that is really impressive. If you were just watching the film and not looking for obvious signs of CG, then yeah I'd be totally convinced that was really him.

    I saw the movie twice... I feel that it was a very underrated movie... People said it was basically a rehash of 1 and two combined as a greatest hits package but I disagree, sure there was the scenes re created from part 1 that took you back to the first terminator, but they really pushed it to try and take the franchise further, the cgi alone was brilliant, again... Just like t2 had groundbreaking effects... This itself was groundbreaking also... They recreated Arnold from t1 and it was so damn convincing it wasn't cgi..
    I read reviews from people who shamed this film as a greatest hits package rehash who also reviewed the new star wars as a godsend without mentioning the similarities between the first Star Wars.

      I agree. The main problem was that the trailers spoiled the twist (which to be fair is kind of consistent with T2s trailers)

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