How (And When) To Watch Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse In Australia

How (And When) To Watch Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse In Australia

On Wednesday March 23, Australians are being treated to another eclipse, just two week’s after the March 9 total solar eclipse. This time, it’s a penumbral lunar eclipse which involves the moon gliding through the outer segment of the shadow cast by the Earth. Here’s everything you need to know.

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A penumbral lunar eclipse is a celestial event that causes an unusual darkening of the southern part of the moon’s disk. Australians in the eastern and central states are best placed to watch the event in its entirety. (Western Australians will get the eclipse before the moon rises but will still be able to enjoy a couple of hours of lunar oddness.)

Depending on where you live, the eclipse will kick off between 5:37pm and 7:37pm and last for around four hours.

Our friends at Lifehacker have the full details for each Australian time zone: check it out here.

Unlike a solar eclipse, you don’t have to worry about special equipment: it’s perfectly safe to observe with the naked eye. To watch the eclipse, simply head outdoors during the mid-eclipse phase and point your noggin eastward. (Naturally, visibility will depend on the weather so pray to Artemis for clear skies!)

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