Holy Snozzberries, Universal Studios Is Building Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Now that the mouse is converting big chunks of Disneyland and Disney World to ever-profitable Star Wars attractions, the theme park arms race is at all an all-time high. But who wants to drink blue milk at a Star Wars-themed cantina when Universal Studios is building Willy Wonka’s freakin’ Chocolate Factory?

We’ll happily turn a blind eye to the steampunk leanings of this new attraction, for the simple fact that the restaurant will be churning out some obscene chocolate treats and desserts alongside other standard dinner fare. Why waste your money on a steak when you could instead dig into a hot fudge sundae for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the attraction will have a flowing river of chocolate milk, everlasting gobstoppers or a small army of Oompa Loompas busking tables. It will focus mainly on food that doesn’t leave visitors blown up like a giant blueberry — with a strong leaning to some obscene-looking desserts as pictured below.

[Universal Orlando Blog via That’s Nerdalicious]