Hey, Who Wants To See Liev Schreiber's Sabretooth Return In Wolverine 3?

Hey, Who Wants to See Liev Schreiber's Sabretooth Return in Wolverine 3?

Not me! Because reminding everyone about the horror that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not the way to go here. Deadpool and Days of Future Past just got done erasing the worst parts of the early X-Men movies from the timeline. Don't undo all their hard work. To be fair, there's no studio confirmation that Schreiber is coming to the new movie... yet. What we have is Liev Schreiber telling MTV that he and Fox have "talked about it". And Hugh Jackman's apparently given Schreiber some details about the plot, since Schreiber went on to add, "I don't know. [Jackman]'s mentioned it to me. The Old Man Logan story — that's appealing. That's something that I can do. Old, being the operative word."

Ha. Ha. Ha. Look. Schreiber's a talented guy, but please, for all that's good and great in the world, let's go on pretending that the first Wolverine movie never happened, OK?


    I'm happy to pretend neither wolverine movies happened. I prefer my super heroes to be interesting not manic depressive. I mean the dude can regenerate and he has awesome metal spikes that come out of his arms and yet he still mopes around hating life.

    from the 1st xmen flick. Hell if they do the claw lobotmy it could explain why ST was such a moron in x1, completing the circle if this flick is set before i. Whatever the case just PLEASE dont be shit. Give Wolvie the send off he deserves. Maybe even a "proper" Deadpool cameo and retconn the other into the poor patchwork clone that he was. A proper stoush between DP n Logan would be both hilarious n awesome. Sorry, bunt Wolvie fan with a wishlist i know.

    Sorry, that screwed up. He's better than the x1 sabretooth n they kinda need that character to finish the tale. So why not?

    I didn't hate wolverine. I mean the deadpool battle was terrible, but the rest of the movie was a hell of a lot better than the next mecha samurai abortion of a movie.

    Not sure what all the hate is for the wolverine movie, loved both characters

    I thought 'wolverine' was an alright movie, but I also liked 'The Cable Guy' sooooo.. :-)

      I really liked both origins and the cable guy ;) The wolverine was awful!

    I was happy with his performance as Sabretooth

    X1 Sabertooth was more faithful in appearance, maybe someone just add more hair and make up to Liev cause whenever I look at him I just think "who shaved the cat??"

    DOFP and DP erased the previous continuity, yes. But Ryan Reynolds was Wade Wilson in Wolverine: Origins and you seem to have no problem with him being in Deadpool....

    Liev Schreiber could easily return as Sabertooth, but it could be an entirely different Sabertooth to the one in the Wolverine film, just like Reynolds plays a different Wade Wilson.

    If you want to be worried about something, be worried that Fox might not understand why so many fans (specifically, comic fans) love the Deadpool film so much (hint: it's because it was like the comics) and that Fox will keep "foxing" up their X-Men franchises.

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