Here's What Happens When You Build A Home-Made F1 Car

Building your own race car isn't quite as simple as welding together a tube frame, bolting in an engine and hitting the racetrack. There's a lot of work that goes into calculating spring rates and suspension travel, and that's before you get complicated steering and gearbox linkages worked out. Oh, and tyre pressures.

TINSI Race Cars is an Indian outfit that does some pretty interesting stuff; its TINSI-I race car is built using the same principles as the Formula Student and FSAE standards that university competitions around the world use regularly. Not everything goes to plan the first time, though, like this particular instance where the TINSI-I went out for testing and burst its two right tyres on the first low-speed lap. [YouTube]


    The tyres did not burst (per the commentary). The rear tyre came off the rim, then a fault in the right front disc brake cased it to "shear from its centre [boss?]" and "[fried] the inner piece of the front right rim", causing that wheel to come off altogether. Commentary explaining the problems starts at 1:22 or thereabouts. If you look closely you can see that the wheel is no longer attached to its axle.

    The sparks are mostly from the central chassis hitting the ground after the rear wheel stopped supporting the car.

    I am in no way a motor vehicle expert but I'm pretty sure that a tyre bursting is not the same thing as the wheel falling off.

    Umm, brake discs exploding due to manufacturing defect. Yes I'll have those on my car thanks......

    Made in India!

    What a clusterfuck. Sounds like a shitty old vw.

    Red Bull... "Um.. Na, we'll pass"

    Is the chassis based on a van? It drove like one and the length is way too long

    Straight up fake. Seems convenient that the car was travelling at nokm/h (it doesn't take much to make a car go fast in a straight line) then all of a sudden the rear wheel pops off with a small explosive sound, then, like a crazy coincidence, the front wheel pops off with a small explosive sound. How weird!

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