We Have The First Video Of Domino's Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Robot

They said there'd be robots. Instead, we got pizza delivery robots. Wait, that's even better! Last night, Domino's lifted the curtains on DRU; the world's first commercial autonomous delivery vehicle. Boasting a a LIDAR sensory system developed in Australia, the robot is capable of delvering pizzas to your street completely unassisted. Here's what pizza delivery will look like in the not-to-distant future.

DRU (short for "Domino's Robotic Unit") is an autonomous delivery vehicle built in collaboration with Marathon Robotics; an Australian technology startup that specialises in robotic targets for live-fire army training. It's essentially a $30k military-grade robot refitted for pizza delivery — and it really works. While the rollout isn't expected to happen for a couple of years, Domino's has been testing the first prototype in the wild with success.

The technology behind DRU comes from military robots used by the army for live-fire target training. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 kilometres an hour, it uses a LIDAR sensory system to detect obstacles in its path and change its route accordingly. It measures objects and distance by illuminating an object with a laser light and can even speak to customers.

Our pals at Lifehacker were luckily enough to catch a glimpse of the prototype during its global unveiling — you can see how it dispenses pizzas in the above video. If you have any questions about the robot, head over to Lifehacker's in-depth rundown!

Domino's Is Launching A Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Robot. No Really [Lifehacker]



    Can't wait to see the dash cam owners of Australia video of some nut bag in a Commodore T-Boning this thing in a few years time.

    24/7 pizza delivery

      Sadly there are not yet robots to MAKE the pizzas in order to get them 24/7... But wait, how different are the listless, autonomous pizza-making staff of Dominos from robots anyway? #ponder

        You know they got Pizza vending machines right? just got to merge the two

          haha yeah robots have been making pizzas for a while now

    Guess what Guest24601 there ARE robots and even vending machines that Do make Pizza 24/7.

    I have even seen a bunch of assembly line robotic arms used in car manufacture make a pizza - and drop into a box, and then flown away carried by a drone ! - Alas counter staff are not required ( even Domino staff and drivers would be redundant...)

    Note ( this was in Italy in 2013) -: I was in the "pizza Business "as an owner at the time ( now back in IT) .

      Wonderful!! I was not aware... Tho I am impressed by the latest run of cruise liners that have robot bartenders to make cocktails... Apart from the bit where tipping them isn't going to make them make stronger drinks for you ;).

        Least the robots can still serve while every one else on board has gastro

    I wonder how many of these will get stolen the moment they are released.

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