Here's The Cheapest Apple iPhone SE Plan You Can Buy In Australia

We've checked Australia's major mobile telcos, and the verdict is in: a mere $46 per month will secure you the cheapest iPhone SE plan in Australia. Here it is, as well as every other plan for you to compare.

Apple's New 4-Inch iPhone SE: Australian Price And Release Date

The new Apple iPhone SE goes on sale from tomorrow morning, on March 31, in Apple Stores and telco kiosks around Australia. You can buy it in 16GB and 64GB storage variants, any of four colours. It's $679 outright for 16GB and $829 for 64GB for this diminutive 4-inch phone, but if you don't want to shell out that much at once, you can buy it on a range of 24-month plans with attached monthly handset repayment costs.


Telstra's cheapest plan for the iPhone SE starts at $71 per month, snagging you a 16GB iPhone SE in any one of its four colourways. That $71 per month gets you 1GB of data, $550 of calls and texts, and 10GB of data on Telstra's Air Wi-Fi network.

If you want more data, $76p/m gets you 2.5GB, $95p/m gets you 6GB and $135p/m gets you 15GB. If you want a 64GB variant, you'll pay $77, $82, $98 and $135 per month respectively on each of those plans.


Optus' cheapest plan for the iPhone SE starts at $55 per month, giving you a 16GB iPhone SE in any colour. You get 500MB of data and unlimited calls and SMS, and the option to choose between a $99 'trade-up' to a new phone or the ability to cancel your plan any time.

If you need extra data, $65p/m gets you 3GB, 80p/m gets you 6GB, $100p/m gets you 15GB and $120p/m gets you 20GB of data. If you want a 64GB variant, you'll pay $60, $70, $80, $100 and $120 per month on any of those same plans.


Vodafone's cheapest plan for the iPhone SE starts at $55 per month, again for a 16GB iPhone SE in any of the four colours (space grey, silver, rose gold and gold if you were wondering). That $55 per month is for 500MB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and Vodafone's signature $5 roaming in over 50 countries around the world. Oh, and two months of unlimited data.

More data? $65p/m gets you 4GB of data (3GB of data and 1GB bonus), $72p/m gets you 7GB, $80p/m gets you 9GB, $100p/m gets you 13GB, $130p/m gets you 21GB. For a 64GB phone, you'll pay $62, $73, $77, $82, $100 or $130 depending on your plan choice.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile's cheapest plan for the iPhone SE starts at $46 per month, with exactly the same iPhone SE 16GB as you'd find anywhere else in any colour you might like. That $46 gets you 300MB of included data, $300 for calls and messages, and that's it apart from monthly data rollover.

To get yourself more data, $52p/m gets you a total of 1.1GB data, $57p/m gets you 2GB, $65p/m gets you 4GB, $80p/m gets you 8GB, $100p/m gets you 13GB, and $130p/m gets you 21GB. For a 64GB iPhone SE, you'll have to shell out $53, $58, $63, $70, $80, $100 or $130.



    Those prices aren't so bad; more in the realm of "normal" phones than ever.

    That Telstra Air network thingy though through the phone booths etc; do you have to sign into each individual node, or once you connect to one, can it auto-connect you to any other node as you pass it...?

      If you have the app installed it auto-connects.

      You install the app and sign in and it puts a certificate on your phone that auto connects you without needing to sign in again. So it's super seamless from that end.

      That said I've found it a little frustrating when moving rapidly through areas as it tends to latch onto a hotspot and then before you can use it you're too far away which can make browsing the web pretty hit and miss...

    I still don't understand the point of this phone, who is it targeted at? it is the same size and looks almost identical to the old version of the iPhone and yes it is more powerful but the old phone was more than powerful for anything you would want to use it for.

      the 2 biggest installed user bases for apple are iphone 5s and iphone 6 as of march 2016 they have a 21% and 27% share, so as you can see people absolutely love the smaller 4" iphone but don't want to upgrade to the bigger iphone 6 so apple has brought this upgraded phone out so people can upgrade, 21% is a massive number in terms of their user base, the iphone 5s has 125 million users so as you see there is billions of dollars to be made right there.

      It's targeted at people who want to upgrade from their 5/5s but don't want a larger phone. Who really cares whether it looks the same? You're going to slap on a cover anyway, so it doesn't really matter what it looks like. And you can take advantage of the new features of iOS, so there is some reason to upgrade.

      It's targeted at a fair chunk of my friends who still use a 4/4s/5/5s because they prefer the compact size, but have been bitching about the software updates screwing with their handsets, repeatedly!

      Anyone that wants a small phone but doesn't want the watered down experience you have to deal with on the other platforms.

    You do know what Rose Gold look like?? Why do you guys continually use the wrong colour? That's freaking pink!!

      I'm glad you said something. A lot of the media outlets are using a picture with colour issues. It makes the rose gold look pink and the silver look blueish.

    From memory when it was free for everyone over '14/15 Summer, it should automatically connect after you've gone through the T&Cs for the first time. I only ever used it between 2 nodes however, so if my memory betrays me, it could've been that I did the T&Cs at each one.

    On Telstra you can actually get it cheaper.

    The $35 companion plan that has to be linked to a full plan gives you unlimited calls and text in Australia and a Gig of data.
    You can get the 16 gig for an extra $22 ($57 a month) or the 64 for $28 ($63 a month).

    Anyone that has been reading gizmodo for a while and reads the comment section will realize I'm not a fan of Apple but I do give credit when credit is due and Apple needs to be congratulated for announcing a new product (iPhone 5SE) and releasing it to the public promptly. Other manufacturers need to apply this approach with their products. Well done Apple you crummy little fuckers.

    The listings of the 64GB prices are really hard to follow. Stating "respectively" then just listing numbers and having to cross-reference them is cumbersome at best.

    Most compelling reason to upgrade would be compatibility with newer 4G networks - 5/5s was pretty limited to the bands it would support.

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