Google’s Chrome Music Lab Is Super Addictive

Google’s Chrome Music Lab Is Super Addictive

Google just combined music with its penchant for adorable animations. The result is called Chrome Music Labs, and it’s a tool to help kids learn about music and sound. But even if you’re not a youngster oblivious to the sonic world of beats, waves and arpeggios, the site is still addictive as hell. Chrome Music Labs keeps things simple by offering 12 different music experiences, from basic concepts like chords and rhythm to more advanced stuff like a spectogram, oscillators and harmonics. The arpeggio tool, for example, lets you cycle through keys and craft your own early ’90s JRPG soundtrack. And the oscillator tool, arguably the cutest of the bunch, lets you adjust pitch through different oscillator types (like that little sawtooth guy up there) and adjust the frequency by moving your finger up and down on the track pad, all while describing the basics of all synths.

Some tools, like the spectogram, will manipulate your own musical genius via microphone.

Google’s Chrome Music Lab Is Super AddictiveThe Chrome Music Lab dashboard.

The Chrome Music Lab dashboard.

Although the more music inclined of us won’t exactly learn anything new, it’s still fun to see Google animate sound with its trademark sickeningly adorable animations. If you’re not careful, you’ll get sucked into a spiral of music-filled experimentation, which I guess is kind of the point.

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