Goodyear's Spherical Concept Tires Are Like Cheat Codes For Driving

Goodyear's Spherical Concept Tires Are Like Cheat Codes for Driving

Video: In this version of driving in the future, cars use magnetic levitation and roll around on big spheres. Please put me in cryostasis until this actually exists. The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept includes a few unusual features, like a spongey substance in the tire grooves that would soften and provide greater traction during rain. Does such a substance exist yet? Who knows! Let the nuts and bolts people sort this out later. Just think: with tires like these, parallel parking will be so easy it will just be called "parking". Because you can just slide over horizontally. And the car will probably do it for you.

The future needs to hurry up and get here already.

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    I've expected this to be a thing since iRobot.

      iRobot the home vacuum cleaning robot?

        Think he means the apple robot released in 2020. It may be 5 years after similiar robots, but it revolutionizes the industry by using more brushed aluminum.

        You guys are quite the comedians aren't you?

        Obviously I was referring to this -,_Robot_(film)

        But it occurs to me that I missed a comma.

          I was actually asking a serious question. I thought that the iRobot vacuums may have had spherical wheels. I looked it up after your post, but didn't see it, that's why I asked.

            I see, sorry. I was under the impression that I, Robot was a well known movie.

            Go watch it. Do it.

              I read the book many years ago before the movie came out.

                But did it mention spherical wheels? Because this movie has those.

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