Five Things To Know About Apple's Event Today

5 Things to Know About Apple's Event Today

Apple had an event today, and if you were anywhere near the internet, you most likely saw some of the digital commotion wrought by the company's live-reading of a press release. Here are the five important takeaways from today's Apple event:

Tim Cook talked about the whole FBI fiasco, but only briefly

To kick off the event, Apple talked privacy and and environmentalism. Tim Cook reiterated his company's stance against the governments efforts to create an insecure version of iOS. Considering the hearing begins tomorrow, today's event couldn't have been a better way to drum up support in advance.

Apple's CareKit wants to make it easier living with a disease

5 Things to Know About Apple's Event Today

Medicine advances at an incredible pace, but tools people use to help keep track of their treatment can be laughably archaic. Apple's new CareKit allows developers to build digital tools to help people with diseases keep tabs on their treatment, and to see what's working and what isn't. CareKit is launching first with a Parkinson's app. If it works as advertised, CareKit is a potentially revolutionary product -- but also another data treasure trove for Apple.

A few updates to stuff that was fine but whatever

5 Things to Know About Apple's Event Today

Apple Watch got NYLON BANDS and a $70 price cut.

Apple TV (fourth gen) has 5000 apps and new software features like app folders and broader Siri support.

iOS 9.3 came out, but we already knew about it.


Apple's small iPhone SE

5 Things to Know About Apple's Event Today

Greg Joswiak told a surprisingly small crowd in Apple's town hall that in 2015, 30 million people bought an iPhone 5s, a two year old phone. Hearing the cries of the small-handed, Apple's killing off the iPhone 5s only to resurrect the more powerful iPhone SE in its place.

In all reality, it's not a new phone. It's basically a 6s trapped in a 4-inch 5s body, minus 3D Touch. It's starts at $679 for 16GB, which is actually quite good considering the tech packed inside. But it's a Frankenstein's monster of a phone -- a godsend for those with minuscule mitts and big heaping pile of "meh" for everyone else.

The iPad Pro... just smaller this time

5 Things to Know About Apple's Event Today

Yep. Apple, announced a new iPad today, too, and much like the iPhone, it's also copied from Apple's past gadgets, mainly last year's iPad Pro. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro had at least some noticeable differences over its larger brother. First, is what Apple's calling a True Tone display, employing ambient sensors to accurately capture "paper white" in whatever colour environment.

Also, it's got a way better camera with the 12 megapixel sensor that's capable of shooting 4K footage -- the same found in the iPhone 6s. Other than tacking on another 256GB of storage and a Smart Keyboard built for its more diminutive size, it's basically exactly what it sounds like: a smaller iPad Pro.

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    No new MacBook pros? Boo :(

      Yeah - I was looking forward to a re-fresh too. May have to wait for WWDC for more info.

      Hey, they might even slap a new processor core into the body of a 2008 MBP and CD drive at this rate!

    Yay and Im looking forward to a colourful G3 style imac

    Seriously.. Thank you for standing up for encryption Tim Cook

    1. They're not releasing anything "new"
    2. They're re-hashing the same shit no one is buying in different sizes and flavours
    3. They haven't innovated or come up with a new idea since Jobs passed
    4. Their stock is still waning
    5. They're fast becoming irrelevant as they're being left in the dust by everyone else

    It's a sad state of affairs, I keep hanging out waiting for the new "wow factor", the new device that no one thought they even needed until Apple came up with it and advertised a solid purpose for it. Cook is a f*$king idiot and he's running the company into the ground.

    Just priced the 9.7 inch Pro with keyboard and pen... AU$1993 for the 256 Gbyte version... really Apple? Don't get me wrong I love most of what Apple is producing but I just can't see why anyone would be able to justify buying that product.

    Yes the tablet feature is nice but lets be honest, how many people need the advanced features the iPen offers. Stats show the majority of people use their iPad to consume media. The exact thing the iPad was first designed to do. I don't buy the "this is a laptop replacement" marketing line.

    I think what we are starting to see is the lack of influence that Steve Jobs used to have on products. It's almost as if he kept the company and especially John Ive's in check.

    The iPad probably reached it's peak with the iPad Air 2.

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