Firefighters Open Hydrant, Find It Stuffed With Fish

Firefighters Open Hydrant, Find It Stuffed With Fish

Some brave Canadian firefighters recently showed up to put out a grass fire, but their hoses weren't getting any suction from the hydrant. Why? Because it was stuffed with fish! It's just the craziest damn thing that fish somehow ended up in the fire hydrant and -- get this -- some of them actually survived. CBC reports:

"I know some fire departments in the area have had problems with salamanders in the dry hydrants, but never fish," [Chief Shawn Carey said]

Carey estimates there were about a dozen fish sucked up from the pond. Some survived the ordeal and were put back in the water.

Nice of the firefighters to let the fish live. But they better not coming running to us when those mutant, teleporting fish grow up and decide to invade Toronto.


Photo: Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department



    Parts of Hobart had a similar problem at least 12 years ago. It's not hugely rare. In Hobart's case it was (thousands of) eels and it affected domestic water supplies in parts off various suburbs for a couple of weeks until they could be eradicated from the water supply. I think everyone in the affected areas had to boil the (unpleasant tasting) water (or buy bottled). I was on tank water so it didn't impact me.

      I lived in Hobart 12 years ago and never heard of this. Do you remember what parts?

    their hoses weren’t getting any suction from the hydrant.

    Is 'pressure' the word you're looking for? Firefighters don't use suction to put out a fire.

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