Fingerboarding Is Still A Thing And These Guys Are Great At It

Fingerboarding Is Still a Thing and These Guys Are Great at It

Video: It's 2016, and Tech Decks are still going strong. The folks at Kuma Films gathered eight talented fingerboarders from around Taiwan and sat them in front of a huge rotating dinner table, which they converted into a miniature skate park. Watch them grind tiny concrete barriers, varial over little handrails and generally pull off all the tricks you used to try to do on your desk in high school. Of course, if practicing a new skill isn't your thing, you could always buy one of these pint-sized RC decks.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be on eBay checking to see what a Nintendo 64 and a copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 goes for these days.


    I used to love this at school back in the day. Would have been cool to have had smartphones back then to record tricks. I think as impressive as tricks look, you stand a lot less of a chance injuring yourself with Tech Decks, so can just repeat until you stick it.

    I remember you could buy tapes of people doing these tricks, Pretty sure my brothers mate stole mine because he thought it was a porno, i guess the title fingers of fury could mean something else to some people.

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