'Drunk' Policeman Who Went Viral Was Actually Having A Stroke

'Drunk' Policeman Who Went Viral Was Actually Having a Stroke

Salim PK, a police officer in Delhi, India, was captured on video while allegedly drunk on a metro train. Video of him staggering and falling over went viral. But doctors have confirmed what he insisted all along: He was actually having a stroke. Salim was videotaped on the train back in August of 2015, where he can be seen in a confused state before he ultimately fell to the ground. Two passengers helped him back up. The video was posted to YouTube and immediately went viral. Salim was initially suspended but then reinstated after a doctor's report confirmed that he had not been drunk. He reportedly suffered some permanent paralysis from the stroke and now struggles to speak.

Salim has been on medical leave for the past three months and has been looking after his wife who reportedly had a heart attack roughly a month after the constant ridicule of her husband began. Salim is asking that his reputation be restored by printing the correct version of events in newspapers and on social media.

"When the video went viral and Salim was suspended, it made front page news. When he was taken back, not a single newspaper or TV channel carried it. In the eyes of the general public, the petitioner was drunk in the metro and he is still under suspension," Salim's lawyer told the Daily Mail India.

'Drunk' Policeman Who Went Viral Was Actually Having a Stroke

Screenshot of Salim from YouTube

Viral videos aside, people often mistake those having seizures and strokes for people who are intoxicated. So keep that in mind the next time you're laughing at someone you think maybe had too much to drink out in public.

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    A friend at my old work came into work mumbling weird stuff and generally delusional. There was a big subculture of the workplace who were party animals so they went around asking everyone if he was known to take drugs. The rumor mill continued and 20 minutes later they called the ambulance and told them he's more than likely on the tail end of a bender.

    .... his blood sugar was just extremely low and was having a Diabetes attack, awesome.

    Ironically police are usually the worst culpirts of this sort of thing- locking up people who're having seizures or other conditions because some moronic patrol officer thinks they're drunk- often leading to permanent damage or death that would otherwise have been avoidable if the police person wasn't worse than useless. - And even if they are suffering the effects of alcohol or from other drugs they still need medical help, not locking up.

    That said, it has nothing to do with this fellow, I hope he recovers his reputation.

    Every newspaper and magazine is only too happy to publish a front page story based on third-hand rumours or speculation that can destroy someone's business or reputation.

    When proper "reporting" later shows the story to be false, the apology/retraction is the size of a postage stamp, hidden among that next day's supermarket ads.

    This also highlights the problem with the "shaming" mentality that is beginning to pervade social media. Someone ignorantly assumes one thing, doesn't fact check and someone else's life is ruined as a result. In this case as if the poor guys situation wasn't bad enough to start with.

    Indian media are the worst. They'll play a video repeatedly on loop of any event that they feel will get them viewers, regardless of if there's any truth or merit to the story. They destroy a person's reputation until he commits suicide from shame, and then will report the suicide as something else. If there's evil in the world, it's Indian media. It's ruthless, inhumane and unforgiving. They should have a law for Indian media where if they report a story such as this incorrectly, they get fined and are liable for any damages as well as re-reporting the story with as much time, money and effort as they did with the incorrect story.

    I hope he and his wife makes a full recovery soon.

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