Dory Meets An Old Friend For The First Time In The Latest Finding Dory Trailer

Video: In the second Finding Dory trailer, we've got a lot more scenes of Dory and Marlin on the journey to find Dory's family. It's completely charming, and yet somehow exactly the same as Finding Nemo -- right down to what looks like Dory's terrifying capture by humans. We've also got Marlin hating travel with the sea turtles, Dory speaking whale with what looks like a whale shark that knew her when she was younger, and humans putting Dory in a miserable looking tank. All pretty standard Nemo stuff. I do love the camouflaged escape artist octopus, though. You can never go wrong with an octopus.


    A lot of the scenes used in that trailer were cut straight from Finding Nemo, just the voice over was changed.

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