Dodgy Electrical Cables Pose Immediate Electrocution And Fire Threat, Warns ACCC

Approximately 2,300km of dangerous Infinity electrical cable is still installed in up to 22,000 homes across Australia, the ACCC has warned.

"It is expected that in the next couple of months the cable insulation could start to crack and this may lead to electric shock or a fire if the cables are disturbed by tradespeople or home owners/occupiers," the ACCC said in a statement today.

Image: ACCC

The ACCC states "This represents a significant risk of serious injury or death for the many Australian households in which this electrical cabling was installed since 2010 in NSW and since 2011 elsewhere in Australia, unless it has been remediated."

Retailers and suppliers recalling the cable are reporting that electricians and builders are ignoring requests to notify them where the cable was installed. Tradespeople risk regulatory action including rectification orders and possible penalties if immediate action isn't taken, according to the ACCC.

Homeowners should also be taking steps to have cables inspected and, where appropriate, remediated under the recall arrangements. The ACCC says there is evidence that this just isn't happening.

"Infinity cables were recalled because they deteriorate and become brittle more rapidly than normal compliant cables, especially in areas of high heat. The cable is expected to have deteriorated sufficiently by April that if disturbed it could lead to electric shock or fire in some premises," ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

"If you are an electrician or builder who installed the recalled electrical cable, you should immediately notify property owners, suppliers, and electrical safety authorities in order to have it remediated."

"Homeowners who installed electrical cable from 2010 in NSW or 2011 in other States should notify the retailer they bought it from, or the electrician they used to install the cable, and arrange for a licensed electrician to carry out an inspection. If Infinity cables are discovered, the cost of the inspection will be covered by the cable supplier along with the full cost of remediation," Ms Rickard said.

More information about the Infinity cable recall can be found at the ACCC website.

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    So a plastic water bottle thrown into the see will last a century but electrical cable in a dark wall barely make it five years :-(

      Different materials. Water bottles are made from PET or maybe HDPE. the insulation on electrical cables is PVC.

    Dodgy Electrical Cables Pose Immediate Electrocution And Fire Threat

    Thanks captain obvious.

      To be fair, they *are* referring to a specific brand of cables.

    Their Cat5 cable is nothing to write home about either...

    And just who is going to have to pay for the costs of an inspection should faulty cabling not be found? The consumer.

    This is the biggest reason why home owners are choosing not to get cables inspected. No-one wants to be out of pocket a few hundred dollars on the off-chance that such cabling is installed.

      yeah, just wait until your house burns down and kills your children, or significant other, then sue

      Last edited 02/03/16 6:21 pm

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